A new brand for a new product: stickers to cover up your naked ikea furniture

We all know Ikea, we all use Ikea products, and we all know we all do. How can we turn our standard furniture into something personal, stylish, and unique? Well, let's start by adding a personal touch to your favorite furniture, in an easy, inexpensive, and attractive way. Say hi to MyKea.
With a team of designers we have now realized a beautiful collection of stickers in different designs, which can be placed on standard Ikea furniture. This is how we turn the naked Ikea furniture into personal items. To make this service as easy as possible we designed a website that clearly shows your path to your personal furniture. In three simple steps your standard furniture becomes personalized. Simply choose your favorite design, pick the right piece of furniture that is in desperate need of decoration, and order it! The concept of Mykea is creative, simple, and appealing. Are you in for something different? Say no to naked furniture! 

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