Internal introduction campaign PostNL

campaign to get employees involved in renaming the national post organisation

— Changing a corporate name is not an easy task, and explaining the necessity of it towards a great team of dedicated employees is even harder. Goal: How can we translate a complex story called 'TNT becomes PostNL'? Answer: By making them part of the process with a strategy that creates understanding, commitment, and pride amongst the employees! 
We designed a website that explains employees every step of the process. Therefore we chose a style that looked like drawn sketches, to underline the 'work-in-progress' of this internal branding. The timescale grew parallel to the process, so everyone became evolved in the introduction of this new corporate logo. We asked employees op PostNL to become part of this process in different ways. They were for example privileged to see the logo half an hour prior to the official launch, by scratching a digital scratch card. In the following weeks they were asked to carry out their new corporate logo by uploading pictures after they spotted it in the streets. 

This is how we helped TNT introduce their new name PostNL internal, and helped employees getting used to it by involving them in the process.

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