Redesign to shift the focus from to company from technical software supplier to a company which creates a place to educate yourself

— Siennax became bloomville. The charachter of the brand shifted from the means to the result. No IT appeal but showing the achieved result, a place where people develop. 
In the summer of 2010 the company Siennax Learning Services was ready for a new, fresh and representative identity. We saw how they could realize that goal and helped them build their new image. Besides building a website, creating a corporate style and the stationairy, we came up with its new name. This new name became Bloomville.
Why Bloomville? The main aims of the company are the growth of both individuals and organizations by expanding their potential labor force. The key to this success is the shared mentality amongst its employees, which entails positivity, assertiveness, and ambition. This attitude it how they help other organizations bloom. The word ville derives from the word 'village' and symbolically refers to the community of employees and their shared mentality. The personal, ambitious, and positive characteristics of Bloomville are translated through imagery, the website and products that reflect a utopian ambiance, in which growth and joy are represented. Take for example the business cards; we came up with business cards that are made off eco-paper and contain seeds, which can actually grow a plant.
All in all we rebranded an inspiring company in a way it represents the innovative, pleasant en growing potential of this blooming village!

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