Agis - Beetje in balans

facebook campaign for mental health insurance

— How to introduce a sensitive subject in a light way? The health insurance company Agis wanted to introduce their new package, which included the insurance of mental health.
We came up with an interactive way of introducing the package but at the same time creating personal awareness amongst consumers by building a game for Facebook. 

The contemporary lifestyles of most people include busy schedules, hard work, stress, a busy social life and so on. The game invited consumers to order those aspects while making sure they would keep their balance. You could for example categorize your own Facebook friends, as they became part of the game. By piling up different elements, divided over two hands, the fictive person would have to keep his or her balance as good as possible. The overall score included a 'personal tip' on how to keep the right balance in your mind. 

Although it was just a game, and the subjects used might not be applicable to all players, this balance game did point out the consequences of busy schedules, hard work, stress, and other aspects that influence the mental health of human being. By making this subject acceptable for conversation through an interactive game, we helped Agis with the introduction of their mental health package.

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